We’re rolling out something new and different, and it’s only for our email subscribers.

We’re calling it BTS Friday short for “behind the scenes”. Every Friday, I will send out an exclusive email with the biggest insights or breakthroughs I’ve found (or explored) that week, best of all it’s totally free and at zero cost to you! As it’s our way of saying thank you for supporting our work online!

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Each week, you’ll get an interesting mix of:

  1. What books, videos, and resources I’m currently enjoying and thinking about
  2. Updates and stories (think “behind-the-scenes” kind of stuff!)
  3. Best tactics and strategies for transforming your life and business

Essentially, this will be a way for me to share cool things with you that I’m finding interesting/thought-provoking or just useful.

Things that simply don’t make sense to put on our Success Insider YouTube channel, or things that I don’t feel like sharing on social media. The structure will vary and evolve but, as always, I’ll only share things that genuinely touch me in some way.

WARNING: I have a very quirky sense of humor and I like straight talk. That sometimes includes “adult language” — so there will occasionally be “adult language” in my Insider updates. Just wanted to be honest and let you know so there are no surprises (and you can always unsubscribe if you don’t dig it).

It’ll be a fun experiment and one that I’m really excited to play with.

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