Success Stories

I am here to tell you this will change your life. It will be a dramatic difference for your self love, to bring you out of suffering and into the light. And I can’t express how grateful I truly am for Tim Han and for the brilliant LMA team and the amazing, amazing support you get in the LMA community. It is beyond words. My confidence level is, from then to now, indescribable. It has elevated me to new heights that I would never have imagined. 

I couldn’t be happier with the LMA program! Initially I started because I was in flux for decades. I have been doing self help for years and years and years on my own with self help books, YouTube videos, and it never took me to the next level. But LMA, the way it is laid out is brilliant. It really worked for me. It has made tremendous change to my confidence and self love that I didn’t know was possible. It has affected my children and my family. People have noticed a change in me. 

The community is so great! There is so much spirit, so much love and so much enthusiasm! And we are all empowering each other and that has really made an impact on me to be able to commit together with this group. 

I was at a time in my life where I was recently divorced, hated my career, was online looking at life coaching courses and career opportunities and trying to figure out my life as I was completely unhappy. After starting LMA, I stopped using excuses, stopped living from the old past self and started living from my future, present self. I was obsessed with the information that it gave me and I was just absorbing it and using it in practical life. It gave me the springboard and the fire I was missing to make the changes in my life that I have been trying to make for the last 12 – 16 months. 

All the things that had gone wrong with my life, from childhood, suddenly made sense. This breakthrough wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t start the course with Tim. 

Before starting LMA, I was struggling to find myself. After losing my mum to Covid it really impacted my life so much – I felt like I couldn’t breathe and I couldn’t keep myself above water. I found myself signing up to Tim’s free webinar and before I knew it I found myself committing to the course. The loveliest thing that I’ve experienced through LMA is everyone on the course has just filled me with love and support. All of the positive feedback was just driving me to push myself further beyond my comfort zone.

Honestly, after joining LMA I felt like it was going into the darkest crevasses in my brain and peeling away the levels. It just gets deeper and more impactful. This is such as a powerful course. I recommend everyone should take this course. It needs to be in every high school and workplace. I recommend you just do it! 

Tim actually does the work with you, and he really cares. He is diligent and is very inspirational, very motivational. I wish the world could take the classes I have taken from Tim. It’s nothing but good that can come from it. If you take his class and do the assignments your life will change for the better. 

I really was at a crisis in my life where I was losing everything. I almost lost my mother’s life, my business was at a flat – I was just alive but wasn't living.  So I joined LMA and jumped in. And what I gained out of it was I gained myself back. I leaned who I am and who my future self is. And I am finally feeling like I can stand on my own two feet and become what I’ve always wanted to be.

I just was having a lot of issues with noise in my head and I just really couldn’t get my thoughts together. I wanted inner peace. This was impacting my life by making me toxic. I couldn’t even stand myself. I was also having social anxiety – I didn’t want to go out into public. The main concern that was holding me back from LMA was the money. But I can tell you it is definitely worth the money. All the money I have invested I have attracted back into my life. The biggest benefit from joining LMA, besides inner peace, self-worth, self-discipline, has been the courage to setup my own business. 

I loved the structure of the program. It takes you through each of the topics. It just takes you step by step. You can go as fast or as slow as you want. The amount of support in the LMA community is absolutely massive. The biggest benefit I got has got to be moving forward with my life and closing that book on the past and finally, finally letting it go.

I feel so supported and inspired on a day-to-day basis. The biggest benefit for me was overcoming my fears of speaking up. I am now able to connect with people on a much deeper level than I ever was before. I can speak my truth. I feel much more confident in myself. I actually love myself and accept myself. And I just have an amazing set of tools I can use in my day-to-day life.