Success Stories

If you want to be in a place and surrounded by a group of people who have got your back and will push you forward – this is the place to be.

I came to WCA and I felt the transformation in the 5 days. You will never believe what sort of transformation you will go through. I've been to a lot of other events that teach about mindset, but from my personal experience there is nothing like WCA, nothing like it. You need to come here and see it for yourself.

What was delivered at WCA is hard to come up with words for. It went above and beyond my expectations. There is no other transformational program like this one that I have experienced.

LMA has been amazing. I have gone through a lot in my life before, during and I'm sure after, and the principles and philosophies of LMA have changed my life for the better.

Going through the LMA course was fantastic as I could take it a day at a time and really study it. This is different to any other program that I have done and I have been around this industry for 25 years. But this is the best program I have found. It is systematic, it is sequential and you have support and encouragement from all the other participants.

LMA has a community where everyone supports you, loves you and cherishes you for who you truly are and are destined to be. The best part is you have a world class mentor like Tim Han who is always, always over-delivering on his content.

The value of the things I have learned on LMA and the positive impact it has had on me is priceless. It has transformed the way I see things.

You will be amazed and you will be so filled with joy, power, dedication, and love because of the LMA family, because of the course, and because of Tim Han. And you will feel and see the changes within you and you will be so happy about it. So I would say go for it – don't listen to those thoughts that say – you can't do it. You can and you will.

LMA was an awesome course. I learned a lot and everything was put together well. I really tapped into some serious personal development. I'm so grateful to have gone through LMA, it's a great investment in myself and I look forward to continuing LMA and this journey I am on.

I can't recommend LMA highly enough. Great community, great teaching, great motivation really enabling you to live your authentic self and live your best life.

When I signed up to this program I didn't think I would learn anything new as I have been in the personal growth space for the last 20 years. But just in Week 1 of LMA I realised there is so much more to learn. As I progressed through LMA I was supported by the community and it became a place I felt at home. I am excited to have gone through this journey. You will see in the first week of LMA that it is worth the price and your time. There is no program like this one out there and I can guarantee that as in my 20 years I have had quite a few of those.

If you are looking to change your life and you're willing to invest and have an open mind to learning how you can change your life – I would say go for it! This program can help take your life to a much higher level and I think it is very worthwhile.