Success Stories

I’ve been with LMA for the 4th or 5th Season now. My biggest problem before LMA was huge anxiety, huge friction with family members and I didn’t know how to make it work. I kept trying, but nothing was working. What surprised me the most about this program is not only the community, which is a beautiful thing – you get to meet real people with real stories and people who became my friends, but also the fact that every time I go through LMA I discover something new. Now, after joining LMA, I feel as if I can bounce back after any kind of issue.

I found to my surprise, as the weeks passed, my depression was starting to feel a little bit better, and my discipline was improving and my motivation was improving and my energy levels and confidence we’re improving. I managed to get right through to the root of my depression, took hold of it and pulled it out of me. By the end of the current season of LMA, where I am now, I had literally transformed myself and I am a completely different person.

Tim and his team are wonderful people, they are straight from their heart and mean what they are doing and what they are saying.

Once you get started from day 1 of LMA, you will not regret it. I’m telling you, this is life changing. You will love yourself and you will love your life. You will meet wonderful people and you will have an amazing team that will have your back and be with you every step of the way. And Tim is an amazing instructor and leader. Just do it. It is worth your time. It is worth the effort. It is worth the energy.

I attended this amazing life changing journey three times. My biggest challenge when I first joined was that I had the darkest thoughts you can imagine; I was thinking of ending my life. And then I came across an advert from Tim Han and made the best, probably the most spontaneous decision of my life. As soon as I made the decision to join LMA, my life turned around. Even people around me started to see big changes happen to me. Don’t wait any longer and join LMA as it is definitely a life changer!

I had to take my mother to the emergency room… I was faced with decisions for her health and her having brain surgery and six weeks of ICU. During that time, LMA became my lifeline. The community that I had to support me and the tools from LMA I was given to navigate through these dark rocky seas of my life, were the things that kept me going. If you’re sitting on the fence, then I need to ask you a question; Why not? Because you having nothing to lose and everything to gain.

In the first lesson, Tim told me exactly why I was feeling the way I was feeling and how to fix it. The program has given me lots of tools to implement in my life. LMA has put me on a journey to be stronger and to see the future self that I want to become and will become.

The biggest benefit I have experienced from the program has been to find my integrity. I am showing up a lot more in my life than I was before. I am now able to see and react in a way that is starting to make my life thrive and not just survive.

My biggest problem that I was facing before LMA was my relationships with my partner and my family. And overall it was making me feel depressed and anxious. But then I joined the LMA program. I ended up meeting a lot of people and feeling welcomed into the LMA family. The biggest benefit for me has been finding permission to give myself positive feedback, which prior to the LMA program I was always waiting for someone else to give me permission. I’m very thankful for this program.

I had never invested in myself before, not in a course like this, only books which I got a little out of but was never able to break free of those things that were limiting me. I didn’t have clear, concise path to do it. LMA gives you that clear, consider path, set-by-step actions to take. There is so much that I have learned from LMA. The biggest benefit I have got is learning how to transform my life.

I came across Tim via a YouTube video and immediately felt connected and compelled to find out more. I am a licensed professional counsellor, certified coach and speaker, and I truly engaged in tons and tons of personal development courses, videos, etc to improve myself. However, I still felt stuck and in fear, and those limiting beliefs were sabotaging my success. With the LMA course I gained so much powerful knowledge and the challenges gave you the platform to put the tools to work in your life. LMA gave me accountability and the love and support you get in the private Facebook group – the LMA family, is just amazing, amazing. Having experienced LMA I am more confident, my professional life is less scripted and I feel immense abundance, joy and freedom. I feel I have tapped into the core of who I truly am and have gained the momentum to consistently show up.

LMA, has been the best amount of money I have ever spent on anything in my life, because it’s not just a course it is a lifestyle. And it has literally changed my perspective on life; My anxiety has been reduced and I’m taking risks and pushing forward for a better life. It has completely changed me; I am calmer, I am happier.