Hey Insider,
Today I wanted to share something really personal about… having a broken heart.
This isn't my usual style of video. But I wanted to do this for Insiders out there, who are currently in pain from this sort of situation.
Most importantly, I want you to know that “This too, shall pass.”
In other words, the pain you're feeling will go away with time – and the things I'm sharing with you in today's video will speed up the process.
These are the 3 Ways to Get Over a Break Up, Heal a Broken Heart and Move On.
These lessons are things I learned from my own experiences going through heartbreaks. By the end of watching this video, youll come out feeling more empowered and stronger to pull yourself up with your own strength to move on.

Trust me, you'll look back on this moment one day and will understand why it happened for you – not to you. After all, life is there to support you and happens for a reason.

So once you’ve watched the video, please share in the comments below your biggest takeaways of what you learned today.
As always, follow your heart & take massive action – & Go live the life you were born to live!
From your Friend & Coach,
Tim Han