In today's video I'm going to share you the five deadly mistakes you're making when it comes to first impressions.

These may be killing your success right now so pay close attention, Insider!

This is an area of my life I struggle with so much. You may know my background is that I've been shy and introverted for as long as I can remember. Ever since school days because of the bullying that I experienced.

A lot of things I've learned today from traveling around the world and speaking on global stages, and other things I've learned from mentors, so I've gone through a transformation.

These five mistakes I was making, in terms of first impressions, were holding me back for many, many years. That's why I want you to pay close attention because this will be the big leverage you need to get yourself up to that next level.

Do you feel like you often make a bad first impression on people you meet? They don’t seem interested in you, they don’t listen to what you say, maybe they don’t meet your eyes or smile at you?

These experiences are mainly connected to you, Insider. Usually people reflect what they are seeing in you, and what they do is a mirror of what you are doing.

Do you tend to get stuck in your head thinking what to say next, or thinking about what happened yesterday?

Do you take trouble with how you present yourself?

Are you trying too hard to make a good impression and maybe clinging onto anyone you interact with?

Do you think talking a lot will inspire the person in front of you?

Are you feeling unconfident about meeting new people and it shows in your body language?

But don’t despair! A few small changes can ensure you make a great first impression with everyone you meet.

When you’ve watched this video, let me know in the comments box below what's been your biggest takeaway today that you're going to now implement to ensure the bad first impression doesn't happen. Let me know and I'll be sure to get back to you.

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