Have you every wondered why on some days you're so full of energy, getting so much done, while on other days you're completely lacking that energy and motivation, struggling to accomplish anything?

This lack of motivation that can be due to many factors, in some cases, even depression. Yikes!

If you can relate to this – don't panic, in today's video I'm going to walk you through the 5 most likely habits that are destroying your motivation.

But, before you watch the video – Remember…

It's only natural for you to be less motivated some days than others. In many cases, downswings in mood that hurt your motivation can be improved with a short nap and relaxation. One way that I  boast my energy and motivation for the day is with my morning meditation routine. 

Now, some of these habits I discuss in the video may not sound that bad or too serious at all, yet if you continue to ignore them you will continue to get the same results.

So, don't wait any longer and click on the video above to learn exactly what these 5 habits are, that destroy your motivation.

Your mentor and friend,


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