Do you ever find yourself overthinking about pretty much everything?

Do you also find that you often avoid loud environments and prefer to be alone?

If so, then you may be a highly sensitive person, or HSP, but read on to discover the 7 signs of a highly sensitive person to know for sure if you're one of them!

A highly sensitive person (HSP) experiences the world differently than others. They're more aware of subtleties and process information deeply.

This means that highly sensitive people tend to be creative, insightful, and empathetic, but it also means they’re more prone than others to stress and overwhelm.

Often people with HSP don't understand that this trait is genetic.

And because high sensitivity isn’t very common, many HSPs feel alone and misunderstood. High sensitivity is often mislabeled as shyness, anxiety, or introversion (even though both introverts and extroverts can be HSPs).

So, if you're ready to find out if you're a HSP, and discover the 7 signs that show if you’re a highly sensitive person, then check out today's video – where you'll discover the personality traits and the symptoms which will help you to detect if you're hypersensitive or an empath.