There is an epidemic taking over the world that most people are not prepared for.

In just over a few months since the COVID-19 outbreak the world has begun shutting down;

Countries are closing their borders, businesses are boarding up their doors, and people are being forced to remain isolated in their homes.

Here's the sad reality… 

Many people will go broke after losing their jobs, livelihoods and potentially their homes over the coming weeks and months.

And although this is the fate for a lot of people, it does not have to be your fate.

The way we handle our response to COVID-19 determines how well we will cope.

You see, life is a refection of us. 

If we see chaos – we are feeling chaos within.

This is key reason why successful people such as Warren Buffett are successful;

They are rational and composed at all times and never let external forces control them.

To learn exactly what it is that guarantees if you will go broke watch my new video, which is especially relevant to the current coronavirus (covid-19) outbreak.

Your friend and mentor,

Tim Han


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