Hey Insider!
Have you ever been at a crossroads in your life, wondering what your next step will be? Not only that – but are you listening to your fears over your heart?
I’ll be honest, in today’s video I may be a little more confrontational than normal. If at any point if it feels like I’m attacking you, just please know that I’m only telling you the things you need to hear to see what you’re truly capable of. I’m not here to be your best friend, I’m here to be your mentor.
That’s why in today’s video I’m sharing with you the secret on how to tell the difference between your heart vs your head  when making important life decisions. 
So once you’ve watched the video, please comment below your biggest takeaway!
As always, follow your heart & take massive action – & Go live the life you were born to live!
From your Friend & Coach,
Tim Han