Did you know that, typically, 92% of people give up on their New Year’s resolutions by the end of January? Everyone sets out into the new year full of good intentions, but a large percentage of us don’t continue with them.

Research by the University of Scraton has shown this to be true—it’s a big number isn’t it?

The main reason most people don’t continue with their resolutions is that they have a little negative voice in their mind, which says things like ‘you’re too shy,’ or ‘you’re not good enough,’ or ‘you need to take more action.’ It is very common for people to experience this.

Are you one of the 92% who have stalled on their resolutions? Do you have the little voice in your head which puts you down? Would you like to know how to combat these uncomfortable feelings and continue making your resolutions come true?

There is help at hand because there are scientifically researched methods you can use to get past the feeling of being unconfident, and so follow your dreams. 

In this episode I will show you how to use these ways effectively, so you can move forward and live your best life.

These three tips work because I have used them to transform myself from someone who had very little confidence, to someone who knows his own strengths and challenges. I don’t let negative little voices affect me now.

What resolutions did you make? Were they regarding happiness, or health? Business or love? With the techniques I show you in the video, you can continue with them and achieve what you want.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about my video. Please tell me in the comments:

  1. Have you ever given up on a resolution or decision because a little voice told you that you couldn’t do it?
  2. Did you use the ways I described in my video to conquer your lack of confidence? Are there any of your own tips you can share with us?
  3. What results did you have from using these methods? Such as achieving a goal, getting fitter, stopping bad habits. 

If you know anyone else who suffers from low self confidence please pass on the link to this blog to them. It might change their life!

Thanks for reading and watching today, if you can share your thoughts it will help you and everyone else who reads this blog. If we all work together and help each other, we can achieve great results.

Looking forward to seeing you at my next video. Keep learning and you will keep moving towards where you want to be in life.