Do you ever feel like you are hamster on a wheel, going round and round doing the same things but not getting anywhere? You are trying so hard but not achieving the results you want. Life seems to be the same all the time with not much change.

The reason for this depends on the level of your self awareness—how well do you know yourself? Can look at yourself objectively?

If you are at a low level, you will see life differently to someone with a high level, and you won’t understand yourself so well. You may not see weaknesses which are holding you back, or strengths which you could use to move forward.

Your level of self awareness changes as you go through life, so we aren’t even at the same stage as other people the same age! It’s not the same for everyone.

We all start out in life in a different situation, thinking, “oh, life is like this.” Then a few years later, we change our view to think it’s like something else, then a few years after that, we think life is like something completely different.

All these revelations happen because you evolve to different levels of development as you get older. This can take many years, or a short time, depending on what opportunities or problems you meet, and what guidance you find.

So if you feel like you are stuck, it’s important to raise your level of self-awareness to improve what you know about yourself in order to move towards getting what you want.

But don’t think you have to wait until a revelation hits you in the middle of the night, or something. You can take action right now. I want to help you speed up this process as much as possible, so you can understand yourself more easily and make better choices starting right now.

There are practices you can do to raise your level, which is what I will show you in my blog today.

These are three main things I’ve been doing since the new year and they have really helped me. They have taken courage but if I can do them, I’m sure you can and they are well worth the effort.

I’d like to know what you think of my advice in this blog. Please leave a comment telling me your thoughts and how and when you plan to use the strategies I shared with you today.