Here is a question someone asked me and I thought it would be a great video topic for me to make and share with my insiders, about the three ways I learned to help myself grow my income.

Everyone wants to know how to make six figures in their twenties, and there are three things I wish I’d known from the start. They would have helped me so much and they can help you too!

For those of you who don’t know, I came from a background of working as a cleaner, I didn’t pay attention in school and I took a lot of drugs when I was young, so the odds were stacked against me.

But I didn’t want to stay where I was in life so I studied the ways to earn more money from hanging out with seven figure earners, mentors and people ahead of me in my journey to earning more money. So they are tried and tested strategies which changed my life!

Everyone can always change their situation if they know how to do it! You need to think about the three following things to move towards the six (or seven) figure income you want.

What type of work do you actually do? If you just make this little alteration in the work you do, you can earn more instantly. It needn’t be a huge change, it will even make your job more enjoyable.

Which tasks do you spend most of your time on? Start working out where your time is going—I will share how to prioritise what you’re doing each day to make your time more constructive.

How do you deal with your customers? There are ways you can learn to make your customers keen to always buy your product or service.

Watch my video to see how to use these techniques in your life and earn six figures in your twenties! Or any age—you can start right now, however old you are.


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