Hey Insider! Let me ask you this deep question: “when all is said and done, would you have said more than you've actually done?”


For the vast majority of people the answer is ‘yes’. Because we live in a crazy distracted society today, where people think it’s okay to go back on their commitments and the promises that they're making to other people, and themselves.


They're literally scamming themselves out of their own potential! Don't be one of those people.


Today I’m going to share with you: what does it really take for you to finish strong? 


How do you start like the world-class achiever that you are? How do you stay committed to your promises? How do you stop scamming yourself of your own potential?


It comes down to these 3 tips in today’s video. Make sure to act on them step by step. Are you ready?


If you study this information and internalise it, you will stand out from the crowd these days, because most people make empty promises and agreements they don’t mean to keep.


But of course don’t do this just for other people, do it for yourself to build your own self esteem and authenticity.


Watch today to learn:


  • How the story of Superman can teach you what to avoid in life
  • Why the contents of your fridge show how determined you are
  • The great advice an Arnold Schwarzenegger lookalike gave me
  • Why extreme forfeits help you move towards your goal
  •  Which motivates us more—avoiding pain or seeking pleasure? You might be surprised!
  • How to guarantee that you follow through on 95% of what you intend to


I hope you enjoy this video, let me know which advice resonated with you the most and what you intend to take action on first!


Let's do this together, my friend. We're not here to just earn some money, pay some bills and die, we're here to change the world!


So just wake yourself up for a moment. If you fall off the track, it's fine—just pick yourself back up and continue along.


We're all here for you but we need you to stay committed, so if you're committed, comment right now in the comments box below.


Keep it up and keep doing what it takes! You're born to win so keep playing to win every single day.


As always follow your heart and take action!