Here's what happened when I quit Youtube for 30 Days…

I started recording myself and making videos for YouTube back in 2015, and at first I found it very hard.

You see, I am an introvert and I really struggled with the thought of others seeing me and rejecting me.

All of this fear and these limiting beliefs stemmed from my childhood where I was bullied and seen as an outcast.

Which caused me anxiety around others later in life.

However, what made me really push myself to be on YouTube and be seen by millions, is one simple fact…

In order to accomplish my goals and dreams I had to become a leader and share my story with the world.

And I couldn't have done this if I hid behind the camera or just spoke with my voice alone.

I had to get outside of my comfort zone and really stretch myself!

Now when my videos started to take off and go viral, I kept at it;

Video after video, week after week – consistently creating content with the goal of inspiring more and more people.

But after a while, that pressure and constant focus took its toll.

I began to loose my focus and clarity, and admittedly, I felt very down.

And as my YouTube uploads became more and more random and inconsistent, I just knew I had to make a change.

So, I decided to quit YouTube for 30 days and see what happened.

And today, I'm going to share with you…

  • What happened
  • What I learned
  • And how it changed my life

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As always Insider,

Follow your heart and take action!



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