Hey Insider! I'm back again with another special interview with a fellow Success Insider Marisa Peer.

She is a best-selling author, motivational speaker, and a leading celebrity therapist. Over the past 30 years, Marisa has coached an extensive client list of rock stars, Hollywood celebrities, Olympic athletes and CEOs, to name a few.

During her interview today, she reveals some of the best strategies as regards unlocking your confidence, feeling whole with yourself and knowing that you are enough.

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While you are watching Marisa’s interview, think about these questions:

  • Do you have very low confidence? Or confidence that is high in some situations but sinks in others?
  • Do you feel envious of other people? Or resentful, angry or jealous of their lives or qualities?
  • Do you think you aren’t ‘good enough’? And somehow you are ‘less than’ other people?
  • Do you often say that events or people are killing you, or breaking your heart, or driving you mad?


These are well known feelings for many people, but if you identify with any one or all of these emotions, you can overcome them and live a happier life with the right information and support. Listen closely to Marisa’s advice and take it to heart, as it will change your life.


So tune in to find out:


  • How to make your experience of life improve—this tip includes kittens!
  • Why your mind is like a computer and needs the best quality input to work effectively—you will never look at a lemon in the same way again!
  • Where everything you get in life originates—and how to ensure you get the best of it
  • How to stop your autoimmune and psychosomatic illnesses—your words hold the key
  • Why you must stop catastrophizing—because it could kill you!
  • How to put your life into context with the rest of the human race—good and bad lives are relative
  • Marisa’s last and most important piece of advice about how to know if you’re good enough


I hope you find the interview with the inspiring Marisa helpful!


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As always follow your heart, my friend, and take action. Go live the life you truly want to live!