I have struggled with depressions since I was ten, where I said to myself one or two times every year, that I don’t want to live. And you, Tim, have made me want to live again. You have made me see my future self. When you are at the stage where you don’t want to live anymore, you don’t see love anywhere around you. It’s hard to see love when you can’t find love in yourself. And Tim and Alice and the whole LMA course, you have made me find love in myself. 

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I found so much transformation. I felt it had such an effect on me immediately. It was powerful. I want to encourage anyone who is

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The LMA program had me do the inner work and allowed me to dream and to move forward. It gave me the tools, the confidence,

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The one thing that attracted me to LMA was I really felt Tim was coming from the heart when I was watching that initial video

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