Insider, if you're anything like me you may be a popcorn machine. That's what my team calls me, in terms of ideas.


I'm currently out in San Diego at the moment and before this I was out in Nashville attending an event. As you can imagine, when you're thirty hours into an event, you get so many business ideas as regards to what you can do!


But remember, knowledge is never power—that's the big problem I find with a lot of people. They are reading tons of books, checking out lots of videos but never getting results.


The reason is because what you implement is power! Not just having the knowledge.


That's why I'll just quickly share with you (before my taxi arrives) a few tips about this situation—what should you do when you've got too many ideas?


In my video I will give you advice about what to do with the huge number of ideas you get—how can you work out and prioritise which are important to you?


Time is valuable so you need my tips to stop you wasting it.


Then you need to make a plan—how will you execute these important and exciting ideas, and not just let them go to waste? There is a secret to stop yourself getting overwhelmed.


Talking of being overwhelmed, I will share with you a way to stop this. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the amount of information you find. And you end up wondering—what do I need to learn and how can I find it?


Follow my tips in this video and all those questions above will be answered.

I hope you found this to be helpful! By the way last week I didn't post videos because I was totally immersed in this event I was attending.


But expect to see some more videos coming your way because on Friday we're heading out to LA and taking my mum out there for the first time. And of course you’ll see Toma and my sister Alice on the video.


Have a great day and take action on what you learned today. Remember knowledge is not power—its potential power! As always follow your heart, take action and go live the life you truly want to live.