Silvana Penfold

United Kingdom

Before starting LMA, I was struggling to find myself. After losing my mum to Covid it really impacted my life so much – I felt like I couldn’t breathe and I couldn’t keep myself above water. I found myself signing up to Tim’s free webinar and before I knew it I found myself committing to the course. The loveliest thing that I’ve experienced through LMA is everyone on the course has just filled me with love and support. All of the positive feedback was just driving me to push myself further beyond my comfort zone.

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Lesley Wood

Honestly, after joining LMA I felt like it was going into the darkest crevasses in my brain and peeling away the levels. It just gets

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Tim actually does the work with you, and he really cares. He is diligent and is very inspirational, very motivational. I wish the world could

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